Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday again

Monday morning again, wow they come round quick! Bit down today as I've been poorly. Last week I was soooo tired I didn't get out on my lovely bicycle. :( Bought a sewing machine on Thursday but still haven't had a chance to set it up. And I felt lousy at work all day Saturday ( 8-4.45 ) which ended up as a horrendous migraine. My Saturday night was spent almost delirious with pain, rolling around clutching my head. Sunday was spent mostly in bed, trying to pull myself round. So, all in all, a pretty shit week. On the plus side, the heavens opened on Saturday and it's chucked it down all weekend, hopefully it's helped extinguish the forest fires in the UK. So, this is quite a rambling, not-upto-much blog entry. But it doesn't really matter as I have only 2 followers, neither of whom actually read my blog anymore! Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself! After work I have to pick my boy up from school, take my dog to the vets ( he's got hayfever ffs ) then I'm going to set my new sewing machine up and get sewing! I am determined to start making stuff to sell, I have quite a few ideas. ;) Just enjoying my cup of coffee at the cafe before I start work. It looks lovely outside, hope I get out on the pashley soon. And I've decided she needs a new name, something ....different. I had decided to call her "Bonnie Lass" but it doesn't really suit her. She needs something a bit more sophisticated lol. I'm leaning toward 'Margot' lol

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