Monday, 4 February 2013


Sometimes I can be very stupid. Today I decided to enlarge a hole in my new belt. Being in a rush, I had the brilliant idea of grabbing a crochet hook out of my tatting bag and pushing it through the belt. That's the belt that was in my hand. Surprise surprise the hook went straight through the belt and into my finger. DEEP into my finger.

After much cursing I expected lots of blood but there was very little. A tiny little dot marks the point of entry. But my finger is throbbing like when Jerry hits Toms paw with a hammer!

Sooooo no tatting today. I can't even bend my finger. I'm about to start the last round of a Victorian style collar / necklace. But it's going to have to wait. I'll see what it's like tomorrow.

I feel very stupid lol.

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