Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday morning, again ?!

Man, these Monday mornings come round quick don't they ?! I'm lousy at blogging. I DO try. but finding a fantastic blog has inspired me in more ways than one. My life needs an overhaul, I've known that for a looooong time. And discovering Clazzerati 's blog has kick-started it. How long have I been going to start sewing stuff, clothes for me, other stuff to sell ? Bloody ages, that's how long. So, time to change my world. Time to get the sewing machine out. Time for a total image overhaul. And don't get me started on the diet....actually, DO get me started ! I've never been so big in my life. Hopefully the bike I'm getting will help with that. At least, when I finally make my mind up which one to get ! Torn between a Pashley Princess Sovereign and a Pashley Poppy. Saving hard, they're not cheap.

Decisions, decisions !

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