Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I have never been a patient person. When I want something, I want it 10 minutes ago. So the fact it has been well over a month since I started looking for a bicycle is driving me nuts. Today, the dealer in Cambridge is off to holland to get more stock. He said he will try to get one in my size. I have checked my phone loads for texts / missed calls / emails. And of course there is no word off him yet. The bloke is driving to holland with a big van, then driving back. It would be a miracle if he had the time and energy to contact me today. But it doesn't stop me hoping ! Had a few words with my OH about a bike the other day. He doesnt want me to get one, says it will be stood in the corner with coats hanging off it. . I hope not, I'm really keen to get into leisure cycling. Let's hope I prove him wrong. That's if I ever get a bike !

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