Monday, 28 March 2011


Wow I'm feeling pretty low lately. :( All to do with work issues. Hoping I get a different job soon. Still managing to get out on the poppy most days. Got a rear rack, some pretty basil pannier bags

and a lock coming tomorrow and Sean is buying me a wicker basket

for the front as my moms day pressie. So I will finally be able to start going shopping on my beautiful bicycle. I'm quite smitten with my bike lol. I had been saving hard and I knew a pashley princess sovereign was too expensive so I got what I considered to be the next best thing - a pastel blue Pashley poppy. After applying for yet another job last week, I was thinking about the fact that the company I was applying to was a member of the Cycle To Work scheme. My first thought was if I got that job I would sell my poppy and upgrade to a pps. Then I realised how attached I had become to my poppy. Yes the princess sovereign is a gorgeous bicycle. But so is my poppy ! I realised I no longer thought of her as second best. She looks soooo cool. And once the accessories are on she will be able to do all the jobs I ask of her. She's a bit like me, weird and wonderful. I couldn't have found a better match. Didn't think I had fallen in love with this bike of mine, but I have. And I finally found her name. Bonnie Lass. BlogPress !

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