Monday, 28 May 2012

Snap - Happy

Got a bit snap-happy on the way back from the school run. We are lucky that we live less than 10 minutes walk from the school. And a sunny spring day like today means a detour through the park and some pics. They're taken with my iphone so they're not brilliant but I like them anyway.

So at the minute I'm chilling out with a bottle of water but then I MUST catch up with the housework. The place is a mess. Ye gods, I hate housework. I have a plaque on the wall in my kitchen which sums up my attitude -

Anyway, yesterday I was also snap-happy, taking pics in my garden. These are some of my aquilegia. They were already here in the garden when we moved in, they're spreading lots.

And these are the yellow-horned poppies in the front yard

This is the heartsease I found next to the wildlife pond

And if you look very closely you can see 2 of the pond snails floating about munching on some food.

I love my little garden :)

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