Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday morning

It's 7.27 am on a Sunday morning. The sky is blue but wow it is cold !

Pitch the cat has been meowing at the door to go into the garden for ages so I've suited and booted him up.
He wears a harness and is attached to a long lead so he can wander about in the garden but hopefully not escape. He will sit in a small clump of bushes and spy on the birds for ages. Occasionally he might chase a bug. He's easily pleased !

Or he might sit next to the pond. That's my little wildlife pond, I hope one day to have frogs in it. My friend gave me some frogspawn for it a while ago but I haven't had any tadpoles, I think the cold weather might have killed them off. :( Still, there are damselfly larvae, waterboatmen, bloodworms and some other unidentified bugs so at least there is some wildlife in there !

Yesterday I went to Bishop Auckland and bought a few bits n pieces for my tatting. Got some black satin ribbon ( for chokers ), some tools for turning it into jewellery, and some storage for findings.
It was a good day. I went with my little boy, who was bored looking round the craft fayre but brightened up considerably when he a) got a happy meal and b) got a game for the xbox!

Anyway, I think I will make the most of this quiet time by getting a bit of tatting done.

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