Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Been ill... but it's not swine flu

I have been MAJORLY ill. Full of cold, sore throat, snotty nose and sooo tired. Went to the docs this morning and he said if it has been swine flu then I've been poorly for too long to give me the tami-flu tablets. He thinks it's a viral thing. Phew! So Saturday saw me, Sean and my mum at the Game & Country Fayre at Raby Castle. What a beautiful place. Sean fell in love with it. I mentioned that I could never live in a city and he said that he could never go back to city life, he loves the north-east. We had a fantastic day. Bought some gorgeous garlic mustard, tried lots of funny tasting food. Sean had a go with a longbow. It was a great day. So..I've made a start on my herbal medicine course. I'm studying anatomy & physiology at the moment. It's hard ! Last night I was reading about sub-atomic particles. LOL it went straight over my head. But I'm sticking with it. This course is very important to me.

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