Friday, 10 July 2009 I am

and this time I REALLY am going to blog regularly. I've tried before. And failed. I can't promise a new entry every day. But then again I might have days where I go on a blogging-frenzy. Oooo sounds painful. I have to warn you : I have a butterfly mind. I skip from one thing to another with alarming regularity. I could be writing about my deepest, darkest thoughts and then oh my god those earrings are absolutely gorgeous.... you get my drift... So about the "weird" bit. I know I AM weird. Quite proud of it though. Never followed the herd when I was a kid, sure as hell ain't gonna do it now. I'm blonde. I'm a witch ( don't ask if I'm a white witch or a dark witch. I don't follow that line of thinking. ) I read tarot. I meditate ( badly. ) I read far too many books at once. I grow stuff in my tiny little yard. I'm about to embark on a distance learning course about herbal medicine ( pleeaassee hurry up Mr. Postman. ) I paint my nails bright colours. My hair is nuclear blonde, thanks to my hairdresser. And no, I know it doesn't look natural, I don't want it to. I wear clothes that I like, not what some "fashionista" tells me I should be wearing. I am a slave to the slogan t-shirt ( thank god for ) I'm raising my boy as a Pagan. I love my man who isn't into any of the stuff I'm into. And I know that even though we don't have a lot of money, our little family is happy as can be. And that, at the end of the day, is what's important.

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