Saturday, 18 July 2009

Durham under water

So there it was, our romantic day all planned out. My little boy was going to his granmas, me and my man were off to Durham for lunch, a romantic walk along the riverbank feeding the ducks...... 1st spanner in the works was the torrential rain and flooding we had in the northeast of England yesterday. 2nd spanner in the works was that my little boys granma was poorly so he couldn't go there. Oh well we thought, a nice day out for the 3 of us feeding the ducks. 3rd spanner in the works was the fact that the riverbank path in Durham was under 3 feet of water. Still we had a lovely day. Wetherspoons for lunch and a wander round the shops. I broke the habit of a lifetime and didn't buy anything. And that was only because nowhere had any of the new iphone 3gs in stock lol ! The picture is taken from the bridge in Durham city centre. I feel so sorry for the owners of the restaurant on the riverbank. Riverfront property is great when the sun shines, but as for the rest of the time......

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