Thursday, 30 July 2009

Enjoying identifying plants

Been out doing some plant-spotting. I'm studying botany along with herbal medicine. I thought I would start with plants I can find locally. Found what I think is self-heal. I didn't bring back samples, just took photos with my beloved iphone 3gs. Tomorrow I'm taking my little wild flower book out with me to find out if its self-heal or bugle.

Wow I turned into even more of a geek lol ! I am LOVING this herbal medicine course, I only just started the first component but I am hooked already. The anatomy & physiology book I'm ploughing through makes my head whirl but it's fascinating too. I didn't realise how little I knew about the human body. It's quite remarkable how it works. Especially seeing as how bad most of us treat it.

I also found lots of ragwort, which is to be expected I suppose. I took pictures of quite a few wild plants I found but it's still hard to identify them from that, so, like I said, me and my little book will be out tomorrow to see what we can find.

I'm taking my tree book too as i am rubbish at identifying trees ! I'm pagan, I should be much better at it lol !

I'm blown away by just how much flora we have locally. Not bad when you think I live in a town. But mother nature always finds a way, doesn't she ? And thank the Goddess for that.

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